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Note: This MediaWiki installation was subject to an attack in the form of a hijack of pages on 4 Jan 2016. This led to frequent failure of database access and malfunction of the wiki. As of 27 Jan 2016 this was fixed. We apologize for the failure of service. The site's ISP apparently was unable to understand the difficulties that were being felt for 10 days, and may have introduced the security breach in the course of software update. After the security breach was repaired, it seems that the presence of remaining cruft in the form of linkspam pages and resultant hammering of the site by link-seeking robots led to overloading of the MySQL backing database and continued sporadic outages of the service. Use of suitable MediaWiki extensions did allow painstaking deletion of thousands of junk pages at the start of Mar 2016, so now the service seems to have been restored to its previous effectiveness.